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Rhiannon Davies 

Rhiannon Davies is a Fashion Designer and Artist based in London, graduating in 2020 from the Fashion Knitwear course at Central Saint Martins. She was born in Somerset, England, but hails from Welsh descent, so nods to various aspects of her Celtic heritage in her work. Receiving a scholarship from the British Fashion Council for her graduate collection and with an unstoppable voice, she gleaned recognition in The Face Magazine, ShowStudio and various publications such as Numero, Apart, and Womenswear Daily.


From a feminist standpoint, Davies explores the goddess of fertility recorded in the ancient Welsh Mabinogion, also named Rhiannon, who was often depicted on a white mare. Davies uses her as a muse to comment on a certain body shape we worship as 'perfection' in the western world. Corsets, tails, and elements of skin and contouring elude to how preening, naming and the 'keeping-up-of-appearances' extends from humans to wild forms of nature such as horses. Specialising in leatherwork and clothing with an equestrian twist - each look features repurposed materials and objects which are bought back to life: from reworked bandages and synthetic hair, to horse rugs and horse saddles, to reigns and second hand denim.


With the current climate and fashion labels contemplating on abandoning seasonal shows, the 24 year-old student’s recent collection paves the way for alternative modes of fashion marketing. Through fine art, audio, and movement she seeks to curate many facets of artistic practice. Davies’ culmination of sound art and fashion has generated a unique fashion experience that is distinctive to her name.



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